Kindness matters

Photo from Cong. Ria Fariñas’ FB page

Anything about Adams excite me. If you’ve been following my blog since its inception, you know that Adams was my home away from home. I even actually planned to retire in the mountainous town.

Reading a social media post about the handing over in a personal capacity by Ilocos Norte 1st District Representative Ria Fariñas a 4×4 pickup truck, as an emergency vehicle, to Sitio Bucarot in Adams brings me to a thankful mood coupled with nostalgia.

Christmas in 2012 took me to the most distant side of Adams — Bucarot, a village so isolated in the truest sense. We had to enter the backdoor via the Cadcadir (Claveria, Cagayan) – Tanglagan (Calanasan, Apayao) route for a friend’s personal gift-giving activity. The excitement in the eyes of children to walk in new slippers, and the elderly smiles to match new reading glasses are still fresh in my mind. (Story here.)

Photos I took in Bucarot in 2012.

The entire trip opened my eyes more to social inequalities among my provincemates in Ilocos Norte. Bucarot is only one among the neglected communities in my home province. Even for 2-wheel vehicles, the road from the municipal hall to the sitio was not always safe.

Fast forward to today, how can the previous and the present administrations borrow billions for infrastructure that we really don’t need, but keep their “kakailians” underserved? A bigger capitol, a more modern stadium, a dead Dap-ayan successor, a vinyl island in a national park? Where are the good roads? Where is the better life? Where have all the pronouncements and promises gone?

Since it is election time, an act of kindness can easily be misconstrued as something else. Just so you know, Bucarot has only around 80 voters. Knowing the lady representative as a kind soul, as I was once a recipient of her kind deed while crossing a street, I see it as pure benevolence. Thank you, Cong. Ria!


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