The color of courage in Ilocos Norte

In Ilocos Norte, the birthplace of the late Ferdinand Marcos Sr., who was thrown out of Malacañang by people power in 1986, and home to die-hard loyalists, who ensured a Marcos political comeback in the North after the family’s repatriation during Marcos relative FVR’s term, a group of pink-clad residents gathered at the Aurora Park and walked around the provincial capitol in the very heart of Laoag in show of support for VP Leni Robredo, who is running for president in the May 2022 elections. Son of the ousted president, Marcos Jr, who lost to Robredo in 2016, is also gunning for the highest government position in the Philippines.

While Marcos fanatics insist on the solidity of the North, Zsa Zsa Raval, coordinator of the Ilocos Norte Leni and Kiko Volunteers, or I.N. LoVe, says, “We exist.”

Photos courtesy of Ilocos Norte Leni & Kiko Volunteers (I.N. LoVe on FB)


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