In death, there is life

5B1B9DF2-A03F-40EA-A77F-0B1A1662DC87My childhood friend Sharon lost a husband last month. We were not talking for decades, then suddenly we found ourselves putting meaning into grief, in the most unexpected way, in a group chat on Viber. So spontaneous and beautiful that we didn’t have to go back to the past… except to welcome back each other and be thankful for friendship.

The much-publicized deaths of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain have taught us that everyone has very limited time on earth.

Then the very recent death of my batchmate, Michael Fariñas, a friend, who happened to be my city mayor, then vice mayor.

He left behind his young family, and Laoag, the city he served from the time he followed the path of public service. A painful loss to the many whose lives he has touched, or even changed.

I just visited my dad in rehab, and kissed and made up with my mom, with zero drama, after two years of not seeing them. Such a relief to move on without the excess baggage.

Losing someone can be the most painful experience in life, but also an illuminating state that can humble those who are left behind.

My thanks, thoughts, and prayers for the eternal rest of the dear departed.

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