Tracked down Harajuku Crepe in Beverly Hills


First time I walked past the more striking sections of Beverly Hills, and it was worth precious time.


On Santa Monica Blvd. where Saint Laurent and Sprinkles are so noticeable, Harajuku Crepe is not easy to spot. I had to use GPS, actually.

So un-Beverly Hills, the Japanese crepe place is tiny with only a couple of tables.

Harajuku in Japan is known for crepes that are rolled like cones.

20452F01-4713-49E1-80C9-61050103DAABProcessed with VSCO with au5 preset

Thanks to wonderful service, it was easy customizing my order. First, I got a sweet crepe with green tea skin, mochi, asuki beans, strawberries and a scoop of strawberry ice cream. The whole thing turned out nice, not overly sweet like I initially thought it would be.


But I wouldn’t leave without satisfying my curiosity for a savory crepe, the yakisoba crepe in particular. Delicious!!! Thanks to the helpful server, or owner, I was led to great choices.

You don’t have to spend a fortune for interesting food in Beverly Hills. Spent less than $20.


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