The Los Angeles Flower District and Poppy + Rose


Monday morning is my time to shine and wander about town. Downtown LA’s Wholesale District is always enjoyable. Looking for shoes? You can build an Imeldific collection for the fraction of the cost anywhere else. Nothing to wear to an event? The Fashion District answers all your fashion head-to-toe needs. Find real or fashion jewelry, toys, fabric, luggage, packing materials, virtually anything, retail or wholesale. Even if I’m not buying anything, a walk around the Flower District is something I love doing. It’s the biggest flower market in the US and delivers to all states from here, everything, from fresh cut blooms, to wedding and party planning needs. Also faux flowers.


Tucked in one of the flower markets on Hall Street is the charming Poppy + Rose, a breakfast and lunch place that opens early at 6AM and closes at 3PM, except on Sundays (an 8AM opening time). A fave find, quintessential American food done so good. I’ll eat fried chicken if it’s the chicken and waffles here. I always get the same thing.



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