Styling a pixie cut


I have not had any haircut since September last year, and products have helped me style my hair easily as it grows, and now the shortish, piecey bang is back to a fuller, more versatile below the eye length.

It looks like I spend so much time prepping myself up, but I actually spend just about 20-30 minutes doing my hair and makeup in the morning. I’m always on the go and can only afford uncomplicated but precise styling.


Before putting on my makeup, I dry my hair either with an electric fan or a hair dryer, then section the bang into two parts, use magnetic or foam curlers (or rollers) to keep them up and towards the side I want the bang to sweep. After putting on makeup, I remove the curlers and muss the curls a bit, then rub just a tiny amount of product between my fingers, and run my hands through my hair where I want lift, texture, definition and hold.


Since I went short decades ago, I’ve tried tons of hair goop, from pomades to clays, name it I know every product, from high-end salon to drugstore brands. I threw away all that didn’t work, and kept those that delivered, but my fave right now is Axe Spiked-Up Look Putty that is really for men. It smells clean though, so I don’t mind using it. Just a tiny finger scoop is sufficient to keep curves in place like in photo. Not at all greasy, and super easy to wash off, this product is so light, but has superior hold.


Below photo was taken two hours after. It was kinda windy, so I kept fixing my hair in place.


Six hours later and walking through LA’s Chinatown from lunch at Koreatown, though the waves partially straightened out, hair still looks good.

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