Thank you, 2017!


Miraculously, the year 2017, for me, happened so swift. Most days of the year, I was working. I had a better job at the start of the year, got my own space, and managed to go on little adventures on days I wasn’t working. I was also lucky to have been offered a sideline someone like me can’t refuse. On Thursdays, I get paid to eat.


Two friends, Nieves aka Ivee Medrano, an old high school friend now living in Canada, and Ona Medina, a close friend and LEAD Movement co-founder, visited LA, so I had to see them, pronto!


Spent my birthday working, but saved another day to have dinner with Ericke. We don’t see each other much. In America, independence is spelled in bold letters.


Close to the end of the year, I experienced firsthand how it was to walk through flames #skirballfire. It was overwhelmingly crazy, I spent most of the evening on the road ‘coz the 405 Freeway was closed to buses that I had to take the long route going home. Yes, I still don’t drive.


My best food discovery in 2017, Alejandra aka The Quesadilla Lady, a vendor stationed in a parking lot near Echo Park. She’s popular for her huitlacoche (a fungus that invades corn) umami-rich truffle-like blue corn quesadilla filling. But it was her squash blossom quesadilla that sent me to nirvana.


Who doesn’t miss home? Christmas is the saddest time of the year.

Cooked my own Christmas breakfast below.


Yet thankful for this year. One of the best years in my life!

Thank you to friends and family, who never forget. Thank you to you who visit the blog.

2 thoughts on “Thank you, 2017!

  1. i will never forget the times we were together going to the refmad farms and ate dragon fruit lumpia and dinner after with you family and herdy..i will always cherish those memories .hopefully we will be able to do it again .

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