Hello, 2018!


Is it 2018? The blog, next year, is a decade-old! Well, we’ll save the drama for next year. But really, so much has happened in Ilocos. I only hear from the social media. Gosh! It’s cool to have a smartphone, it is life, you can now quote me on that. Elena is still missing. HM and Uniqlo dressing up the millennials of the burgeoning tech and tourism-centric worlds makes Ilocos Norte sound like a new, modern, major province, notwithstanding the old customs and traditions, the still existent archaic crab mentality, and the expected sparring of  Marcos and Fariñas, which, by the way, isn’t really talked about much among Ilocanos. Well, if you live in Norte, you know exactly why.

I never plan anything in life. I just go with the flow, like I never intended to be a blogger nor a photographer, and never did I imagine myself living alone in another city. Wherever this year will take me, whatever it brings, I’m looking forward. Hope to be in Ilocos again soon. Really missing home, longaniza and pinakbet most especially, the beach, the people I meet, new discoveries, long nights writing, all the localness.

Cheers to a good year, everyone!

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