The long and short of it

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Went to see a stylist ‘coz my hair was at a boring length. Blaming the humid weather for the uberfast growth, plus the heaviness of it all. Just like myself, Popoy (in Vintar) was torn between pixie and Dora, so here’s my new asymmetric do.

When I decided to go longer, I added two hair products to my beauty regimen.

kerastaseshortmania 3lanzamagicbulletkerastaseshortmania 2

My stylist in LA recommended Kerastase Short Mania. It’s a sculpting paste that’s matte, flexible and light, more like a balm in feel. A pea-size amount of this mildly scented thing is enough to lock my style in place. It washes off easily, making it more lovable. The second one, Lanza Magic Bullet Hair Healer, I discovered at Ulta while buying my second box of Garnier Olia color. When you don’t have much time for salon pampering, you might as well protect your mane, especially if you are growing it out. The spray-on color-defending potion shields the hair against more aggression like the sun. It cures kinks in the morning, like when you’re in a rush, but using this religiously is guaranteed to keep your locks less problematic. It is floral scented, kinda intense, so it’s advisable not to wear fragrance if you are into it.

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