Went North


Back to sacred Sundays. The family drove north from Laoag — such a cozy time to converse, refresh, go crazy and just glide. The clean roads to Pagudpud were impressive as ever. Someone abroad asked me how’s home after she sent me to the south, and I told her I was sad about the numerous campaign posters from the past election season and ratty signage waving at me on the roadsides. (If you are reading, friend, here, I take it back.)

We stopped by our favorite Bergblik for snacks, then headed farther north to Blue Lagoon. Met cute little tourguides on our pseudo trek to Bantay Abot. After the rains, the scenery was nonetheless glorious.

Pagudpud14101895_1253292878014405_250318551_nJovy and Yollys Place

A new discovery on our way home was Jovy and Yolly’s Place in Davila. Had just tanguigui sashimi. Other seafood depends on the catch of the day. Nice to know there’s a wonderful roadside place to eat between Pagudpud and Laoag.

Til my next discovery.

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