The Alcove

Alcove Cafe and Bakery

I know everyone’s either partying or resting on Thanksgiving Day. For me, it’s blogging day. Taking this opportunity once again to thank everyone, my readers as well, who not only make this blog complete, but keep me going on with what I am able to do pain-free. As you know writing and photography are probably connatural.

The past weeks since I posted last, I would like to believe, is a stage where I had to see things in a new light. Having lived in the tropics for so long, fall weather in Los Angeles is almost unbearable. Add to the gloomy weather the transition to self-sufficiency. My own personal goals encircle the family and the future. It’s a simple Thanksgiving Day for me, my first in America, but what makes it essentially significant is the realization that I am not alone in my journey. I have so many people to thank, and God above all. Happy Thanksgiving and much sunshine from me to each and everyone!

Hot Chai Latte

At the start of the week, my brother and little sister brought me to brunch at the always packed Alcove Cafe and Bakery on Hillhurst Ave. It’s a hipster spot. It actually reminds me of Ilocos. Alcove is set on two restored old bungalows. The place is all about fresh, responsibly-sourced natural and organic artisanal or handcrafted anything, and not to forget a great equitable employment advocacy, which means part of the guest’s payment goes to employee benefits for a solid financial future. Yes, they are big on that as what they claim on their website.

AlcoveChristmas TreesAlcove Cafe and BakeryAlcove Cafe and Bakery Kinda Classic Eggs Benedict

All to myself was Alcove’s Kinda Classic Eggs Benedict with lots of ham, and berries on the side. Very tasty, its bodacious flavors uplift the spirit. The eggs were perfect like I like them. Onion rings were a little too sweet and heavy for my taste, but finished my part nevertheless.

The al fresco ambiance is homey and casual, like it’s a great environment for powwow, even protracted, as in our case.

Well, til the next blogging day. Give thanks always. God bless.

Brunch at Alcove Cafe and BakeryUmbrellas
Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2015

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