Lunch at the Commissary at The Line Hotel

The Commisslesary, Los Angeles

I thought it would be the end of this hand-me-down Toshiba laptop, it won’t open, and then it yet has life. Discovered someone just tripped over the cable. So, well, this post is all about the special date with my beautiful cousins, sisters May and Sam. May was vacationing from Hawaii and Sam took a day off. We had lunch at Commissary, a greenhouse at The Line Hotel in Koreatown, on a Monday. Such a refreshing place with seemingly healthy food by celebrity chef Roi Choi, a perceptible green ethos and, of course, Sam and May are always fun to be with. We had dessert at Bennett’s in LA’s Original Farmers Market, a few blocks away from Koreatown. What my camera didn’t capture was the boot shopping at The Grove. I’m not thrilled to switch from “tsinelas” culture to the need for something warmer.

Koreatown, Los AngelesThe Line HotelCommissary at The Line Hotel, Los Angeles

More than the greenery at the Commissary, there’s that degree of innocence. Communal tables, mismatched dinnerware and recycled and upcycled objects jibe in harmony with eclectic Pan-Asian fare. The sweet and succulent pan-roasted scallops with pea shoots in green sauce and avocado toasts with cured salmon and goat cheese were spectacular. With very LA French dipped prime rib sandwich and a plate of arugula and watercress with grilled chicken, it was already an orgy.

And then the dessert, after taking pics of the St. Basil Catholic Church on Wilshire Boulevard, next on the blog.

Commissary, The Line HotelUntitledUntitledch at the CommissaryPan Roasted Scallops with Green SauceAvocado Toast with Goat Cheese and SalmonCommissary French Dip SandwichArugula and Watercress with Chicken BreastThe Line HotelPeace Tree mural by Obey at The Line Hotel, Los AngelesSt. Basil Church, Los AngelesSt. Basil Church, Los Angeles
Photographed by May, Sam and Tina
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