White Summer in a Glass

ChowKing Milky White Halo-Halo

Have you tried the new milky white halo-halo of Chowking? It’s fashionably filled with sweetened saba (banana), chewy macapuno strips, creamy leche flan, crunchy pinipig, shaved ice, a scoop of vanilla ice cream and dribbled with caramel syrup. I like it more ‘coz it’s pared down with just my favorite halo-halo fixings.

ChowKing  Milky White Halo-Halo
Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2015

6 thoughts on “White Summer in a Glass

  1. She was here or still here. Hope your daughter enjoyed/enjoys her stay. Is she just hitting up here on Oahu or plans to go to a neighbor island. Hope the waves was good to her. It was very choppy couple of weeks ago.

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