Laoag City in One Day

The Fort Ilocandia Courtyard and Fountain

The Part 2 of Melanie, Raine and Ali’s Ilocos tour with me takes place in my hometown of Laoag. Like I wrote in Loving Laoag, the cover story of Mabuhay Magazine February 2015 issue, Laoag translates to radiance in the vernacular, hence the sobriquet “Sunshine City.” For not wearing a hat, I got mild sunstroke and had to beg off from another guiding trip for a friend and her friends today. Reminding everyone to drink lots of water and maybe overdose on citrus fruits and put on tons of sunblock and wear protective gear when in Ilocos, especially if you are heading out to the famed Laoag “La Paz” Sand Dunes. Btw, my group the LEAD Movement started the sandboarding adventure in Ilocos, so anybody interested can just contact me, even through the blog. I will answer all your queries.

The Fort Ilocandia’s courtyard with a fountain still looks so much the same. It is so perfect for an evening event. But because the Laoag Parklane Hotel is so very near my house, the girls made Parklane their home in Laoag, and my humble dining table theirs too.

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Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2015

5 thoughts on “Laoag City in One Day

    • Hi, Shayne! There’s also a Laoag Sand Dunes, and it was where sandboarding started. Even offroading always shown in Sports Unlimited in the last 5 years was at the Laoag “La Paz” Sand Dunes everytime:) It is not to be confused with Paoay coz Laoag has all the necessary slopes for the sport.

  1. Hi there! Christine here. Thanks for writing this one. Very informative. I have a couple of questions tho. I will take the night bus to Laoag from Manila on Friday, April 21. I’m hoping to visit only these places: Laoag Sand Dunes, Sinking bell tower; Cape Bojeador in Burgos, Kapurpurawan Rock Formation, the Bangui Windmills, (for these 3, I will take a north tour). Is it possible? Then, on Sat night, I will take the bus to Vigan, and will have my tour on Sunday. Go back to Manila Sunday night.

    Thanks so much for the help! 🙂

    • Yes, it is possible. If you are just taking the bus to go on a northern side tour, go as soon as you arrive in Laoag, or you can start your tour with the Sinking Bell Tower or you can also do it last if you prefer a more dramatic night visit before going to Vigan and after your La Paz Sand Dunes experience, but you have to be at the dunes at least 5pm. Tricycles are helpful mode of transpo in between bus rides, like within Bangui, to the dunes, while you can stop at Cape Bojeador Lighthouse which is along the hi-way, and take a tricycle again goin to Kapurpurawan unless you are renting a car for the entire tour. Check buses going north before your trip. Take GMW or Florida (Tuguegarao destination), or you can always ask the trike driver to take you to the Pagudpud bus terminal in Laoag for bus goin up north.

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