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Did a mini heritage and nature tour of the east today. Ilocos is not Ilocos without the uncorrupted places linking to the olden past. Hoping what our forefathers have rooted remain for centuries to come. Our identity, we’ve been known as an oasis away from the city.

Please stop turning the province into something we are not.

Sarrat ChurchSarrat Church

 Found the sidedoor of the rustic 18th century Sta. Monica Church aka Sarrat Church open.

MaseteriaPicture 007SoftNature WalkNature walk.

Watched the sun fade at Vintar Dam.

Yellow FlowersVintarSunset RiverDown on Weeds
Photographed by Reny and Blauearth
© Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2015

2 thoughts on “Patrimony

  1. ms tina, are you implying that your againts the modernization that is happening in the province right now? ive known so many cities who embraced the modern way of life but still nurtures their culture and identity…

    • it’s all about losing our natural patrimony. tens of thousands of trees in the last few years is too much. Ilocos Norte is hot and soon to be hotter at the rate trees are being cut, and natural places desecrated, and please not a zoo in Adams! animals have to show their true colors.

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