Food at Cafe Bonita

Cafe BonitaNorthwestern University President Ferdinand Nicolas, wife Mich and Isaiah.

As guaranteed, I reached the occasion to remark about the food at Parklane’s Cafe Bonita. Firstly, the morph-ication of that tired length along Bacarra Rd. (now Gen Segundo Ave.) is the real deal. The food should match, and indeed Chef Alvin Lao, who I heard is leaving town soon to broaden his horizon in America, is doing a great job of sharing his culinary skills and knowledge. I was a fan of his carbonara with white truffle oil, his Caesar’s salad and steaks, and so on.

The dinner last night was thought-provoking. It’s a recurrent, hahah, spasmodic blogger or foodie thing. Studying oeuvres like crispy succulent bagnet on a bed of peeled pomelo speckled with recognizable Asian flavors or the Ilocanonized version of the Peking duck skin wrap, which was clever with chilied hoisin sauce, was like being absorbed in an art museum. A food experience can range from hostile to orgasmic. I like eating more than looking, but sorry to take your time if you are eating with me. Hah, the hyperphotoactivity disorder of the new millennium.

Pomelo-Bagnet Salad

I give this a very high rating.

FriendshipOne of my closest friends, the beautiful Marla Luis. I mean close as in we tell each other what’s wrong with us and kiss.

Bagnet Wraps

Bagnet (Ilocano crispy pork belly) wraps could have been perfect if the wraps had more body like less tightness in texture. The siling labuyo lent more oomph.

The prawns and mussels with lavish herbed curry sauce was provocative. I took out rice from my diet, nonetheless the potential perfect ulam was not overwhelming.

Prawns and Mussels in Curry SaucePanna Cotta and Flambeed Pineapple

Hmnnn, the panna cotta, with flambeed pineapples (I’m not sure), was a nice finis with a tropical touch to the Asian fusion medley.

UntitledMara Manuel, the make-up artist of the smart set in Ilocos Norte, and in-demand wedding and glamour photographer Marianne Pasion.

More here. Check out Marianne’s Cafe Bonita post also.

Cafe Bonita is opening its doors on February 14, Valentine’s Day.

UntitledAs always, Dr. Pia Luis looked pulled-together. She was happy receiving her Pia shopper tote from MODi.

Marianne and MaraPicture 377Texture Play

Last photo by Reny Tan
Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2015

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