Almost Summer!


Thank you to Jana Siratranont, former Tourism Officer of Ilocos Sur, for leading me to the Kannawidan food and product fair featuring the indigenous products of the different municipalities of Southern Ilocos. After a scrumptious merienda of dinoydoy pasta and a rich slice of my fave sans rival at Bigaa Gastropub, btw, Joey Generoso and the entire Side A band were also drunching, I proceeded to the stadium and had fun exploring.

Omg, such beautiful discoveries like Bungo ice cream, which I had been chasing in the last few years. The most recent, I went to Brgy. Bungro, San Ildefonso, with my cousins, but community folks were having a day-off from all the holiday madness. I thought the flavors would be so strange to appreciate, but it turns out they are quite contemporary, not to mention the green branding. Malunggay was lovely, it’s their best seller, but bell pepper tasted so much like cheese pimiento, say? I give them two thumbs up!

Isn’t the oversized durian bag from San Juan so chic and perfect for summer? You can get one through special order at Gab’s Buricraft, located in front of the San Juan Public Market (09153729960 / 09434166978).

Thanks also go to Peng, Melchor and Jerson Paz, who took the photo of Jana and me at Bigaa.

Picture 697Picture 690Picture 699Picture 701Picture 704Picture 715Picture 708Picture 686Picture 673Picture 681Dinoydoy is a traditional mashed squash dish. With bagnet and pasta, it came out appetizingly fab! Picture 683Picture 682
Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2015

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