The Path of Adventure

All-Girl Jump

The first 5 photos taken on December 1, 2010, finally see the light of day in my blog. There are so many details vivid to me. I knew LEAD Movement was hosting the Kite Chicks with kite and wind surfing stars Susie Mai and Nenette Graf. Things went so fast, I was able to get little info from Nenette, and then it was also the same day I was asked to leap from independent mongering into some wicked world, only to leave the first chance I got.

Not remembering why I was in the jump photo, the chick nearest me, who I even held hands with is the same person I would be hosting in Adams 4 years later. The lone guy with the kite was the telltale sign. I browse through my moth-eaten files and what an amazing discovery. We finally have names.

Kite ChicksJeena Llamas

JasonJason Afable Luengo

PaulaPaula Rosales

Kite Chicks

And we find each other again.

Malaggaowith Jason and JunJason Afable, Jun Flores and Jeena Llamas are from the same Philippine paragliding team.

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2015

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