Laoag City turns 50 in 2015

Laoag Tricycle

By virtue of a plebiscite, Laoag became a city on June 19, 1965. Did you know? Eulalio F. Siazon, the gentleman from La Paz (at heart), was the first mayor of the City of Laoag. He was the longest serving mayor (16 years) and his name is etched in local history as the leader who paved all the streets around the poblacion, widened the Gilbert Bridge (now the Marcos Bridge), built the old Laoag Supermarket, etc.

Rizal St., Laoag

Laoag is unique in many different ways. Firstly, there are more banks around than fastfood restaurants and malls, and there’s not one single movie theater. What else? We have 4-seater calesas and did you notice our tricycles have been lowered to suit the streets? It’s a good place to stroll around. Life has been basically the same for residents, which is good.

I love home.

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Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2015

4 thoughts on “Laoag City turns 50 in 2015

  1. Feb 2006, Oct/Nov 2009, Feb 2013…coming up Feb 2016!!! This time mom and I are bringing my younger sister and her family along with this trip. 1 year of planning. Time for me to go through your blogs again to plan our family trip. Trying to convince sister dear on doing some adventurous things like the 4×4/sandboarding. I might have to secretly suggest to her husband instead who’s game to anything. Looking forward in seeing changes in Laoag.

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