Things to do before 2016

Kinda Rustic

While sorting more than a thousand photos from Baguio, a Jason Mraz playlist was on. What a coincidence that something popped into my mind when Life is Wonderful was playing.

2014 was phenomenal. I really don’t know what’s in store for me this year, but I’m so excited to try out new things. Making a to-do list for me to focus on, so here it is. If only I can make it a sticky post to remind me everyday.

1. Remove the clutter from my room.

2. Devise a workout plan.

3. Eat more healthily.

4. Learn to cook bagnet, longaniza and Batac empanada.

5. Save up.

6. Learn something like professional hairstyling.

7. Teach the art of blogging.

8. Make my portfolio.

9. Go to Batanes.

10. Have another baby, lol.

The song goes like this:

“It takes a crane to build a crane. It takes two floors to make a story. It takes an egg to make a hen. It takes a hen to make an egg… it takes a thought to make a word. And it takes some words to make an action. It takes some work to make it work. It takes some good to make it hurt. It takes some bad for satisfaction. It takes a night to make it dawn. And it takes a day to make you yawn, brother. And it takes some old to make you young. It takes some cold to know the sun. It takes the one to have the other. And it takes no time to fall in love. But it takes you years to know what love is. It takes some fears to make you trust. It takes those tears to make it rust. It takes the dust to have it polished. It takes some silence to make sound. It takes a loss before you found it. And it takes a road to go nowhere. It takes a toll to make you care. It takes a hole to make a mountain… life is wonderful. Life goes full circle.”


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2 thoughts on “Things to do before 2016

    • Happy New Year! Those are the things I wanted to do even before the blog, and still haven’t found time doing, so hopefully I can do them this year:)

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