Ylocos Mobile Spa: The spa brought to your home

No matter how small your house is, you can turn it into a royal residence. I actually did that yesterday. I rang Ylocos Moblie Spa and gifted myself with a two-hour home massage. They asked me if I needed a massage bed, but there’s really no more space for another bed. Lyn, the masseuse, came with a spa kit, complete with a scented candle and zen music. The last time I had a massage at a spa in  Manila, I shared a room with two Chinese girls who were talking to each other the whole time. It would have been music to me if I understood their Mandarin. It happens most of the time at local massage places, you want to fall into oblivion only to be aroused by a screeching door, phone music, heavy footsteps, or the worst, a honking truck.

Ilocos Mobile Spa is making spa time more enjoyable. I’m definitely booking another one soon. I was surprised to see in the menu wonted health and beauty services like mani/pedi, foot spa, foot reflexology, ear candling, waxing, body scrub, ventosa, hot stone massage — all in the comfort of your home. Service is not limited to Laoag only. And prices are not very different from regular spas. Check them out at their Facebook page or inquire at Ylocos Mobile Spa-0915 3869254.

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