Wake me up: Coffee plantation in Lammin

Lammin Arabica Nursery

In northeastern Ilocos Norte, a former mining village in the craggy Cordillera Mountains has begun planting quality arabica coffee to sell to the market.


Last year, we heard stories about Rocky Mountain Arabica Coffee Co.’s intention of partnering with IP farmers in the towns of Piddig and Carasi. (Finally) yesterday, a group of friends and I were able to arrive in Lammin, about 900m asl. The precarious trail was parching. A sprinkling of pine trees provided shade to the coffee plants. We also went farther down to the nursery. Manong Danny, our Igorot guide says, they will have to wait two years for the initial harvest.

Nurturing CoffeeArabicaPine RoadArabicaArabica CoffeeLammin DogFloretLand Cruiser BJ40 and Series 75 Troop CarrierEastern Ilocos NorteThe imposing view of the terrain.Piddig, Ilocos NorteEastern Ilocos NorteEastern Ilocos NorteRocky Mountains of PiddigRough RideLammin

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2014

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