Say No To Mining in Adams!


Adams (east of world famous Pagudpud), home to the 11, 794.19-hectare Proposed Northern Ilocos Norte Natural Park of the region’s remaining intact old-growth forests, the 3,250-hectare Adams Wildlife Critical Habitat of an estimate of more than 2,000 recognized plant species, 76 identified species of endemic birds on the threatened list, Philippine deers and warty pigs, civet cats, long-tailed monkeys and rare amphibians, and a portion of the Kalbario-Patapat Natural Park, is subject to greed and power.

Being a citizen of Ilocos, it is a moral obligation to protect this living museum of biodiversity for future generations to enjoy.

I’ll say it again, there is no such thing as responsible mining.  We’ve heard enough of the ill effects of large scale mining. We don’t need another disaster. Please support NO TO MINING IN ADAMS and spread the word.

I’ve said all there is to say about this transcendent town that changed my life overnight. I owe this blog to Adams.

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2014

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