On spotlight: Baby Pat ensaymadas like no other

Ensaymadas like no other!

Without doubt, Greater Manila is the ultimate melting pot of wonderful flavors. Part of the bests of the bests will remain secret to us in the provinces.


With all the stars brought down from heavenly kitchens to enliven Chef Sandy Daza’s table for the FoodPrints Christmas Special (airing soon), it was difficult to choose which star to reach for first.

Being the ensaymada junkie that I am (but who isn’t?), I put in a box the violet-covered ensaymada Pearl de Guzman asked me to have. And I politely asked permission from the FoodPrints family if it was okay to pick a couple more (I chose the brighter wrapped ones) and a cheese roll in exchange for other leftover goodies.


Back in Laoag, straight from the FoodPrints shoot in Manila, I opened the pink one. It had ham and salted duck egg. After examining closely the ensaymada, I went on with the silver-wrapped creamy, cheesy one with meaty bits that tasted like bacon. Thank you, Chef Sandy and FoodPrints! The ensaymadas of my dreams was just answered.

The three things I love about Baby Pat ensaymadas:

  • the neither compact nor too airy texture.
  • the clean aroma of the flour used.
  • the neat balance of flavors of all the add-ons.

Ensaimada by Baby Pat Bread and Pastries

Q&A with Pearl de Guzman

Pearl de Guzman, the driving force behind Baby Pat Breads and Pastries, where ensaymada is equivalent to heaven, answers what every ensaymada lover like me would want to know.

Tina Tan: What sets your ensaymada apart?
Pearl de Guzman: Oh, kindly refer to the reviews and comments of food writers as quoted in our Facebook About link. The ensaymada lovers are the best judge.

T: Do you bake them yourself?
P: Yes, I do.

T: Why are they wrapped in colored paper?
P: The color represents the ensaymada flavor. It is easier then to identify and sort the kind of ensaymada with the color of the wrapper.

T: What inspired you to start Baby Pat Breads and Pastries?
P: Through my mother, Mama Pat, I learned how to bake. I grew up helping tend the Pat’s bakeshop which she put up in Cavite City since the early 70s. I love my mom so much that I would like to continue her legacy after leaving us through Baby Pat Breads & Pastries.

T: Describe your typical day.
P: With four assistant bakers, I start baking at 6AM, while I send off my kids to school. My ensaymadas are special, they take a lot of hours to create. Packaging starts at 2PM. Dropping off packaged orders at LBC courier is around 5PM. Receiving orders by phone and internet is throughout the day and even night time.

T: Do you constantly experiment with new flavors?
P: Yes. Watch out for color green.

Baby Pat's Bread and Pastries

T: What are your other bestsellers?
P: For the ensaymadas, the so called ‘most wanted four’ as featured by Food Magazine; ‘7 wonders,’ and the savoury collections. Our classic and ube queso de bola cheeserolls are bestsellers, too. As for breads, dinner rolls and pandesal are most liked.

T: Where are your outlets?
P: BabyPat bakeshop is home-based. The only outlet aside from home is Manila Polo Club’s Manila’s Best Counter.

T: Do you deliver to non-Metro Manila residents like me?
P: Yes, via LBC door-to-door, next day delivery to anywhere in the Philippines.

T: If you were given a box of your own ensaymadas, what would  you pick first?
P: My favorites now are the tablea and nutella ensaymadas. As for my personal favorites with savoury —  majestic ham, Vigan longganisa and bacon.

Sandy, Patrice and PatrickPearl’s daughter Patrice and son Patrick  sit close to Chef Sandy Daza at the FoodPrints shoot for its Christmas Special, airing this Christmas season.

Baby Pat's specialty ensaymadas:
 Speculoos (Red)
 Nutella (Orange)
 Tablea Ensaymada (Brown)
 Ube Queso de Bola (Purple)
 Speculoos (Red)
 Nutella (Orange)
 Tablea (Brown)
 Ube Queso de Bola (Purple)
 Latik (Coco Jam) Queso de Bola (Yellow)
 Classic Queso de Bola (White)
 Speculoos (Red)
 Nutella (Orange)
 Tablea (Brown)
 Ube Queso de Bola (Purple)
 Latik (Coco Jam) Queso de Bola (Yellow)
 Classic Queso de Bola (White)
 Peanut Butter ChocNut (Mustard)
 Salted Caramel Queso de Bola(Cerulean)
 Vigan Longaniza (Indigo Blue)
 Bacon in Garlic-and-Herb Cream Cheese (Silver)
 Sweet Ham & Salted Egg (Pink)
 Majestic Chinese Ham (Gold)
 Spam (Royal Blue)
 Adobo (Manila Paper)
Baby Pat Breads and Pastries 124 Stockton Corner Palo Alto, Laguna Bel-Air Subdivision, 4026 Santa Rosa, Laguna, Philippines Phone Nos.: +63 923 9759777 ; 02 7751231 / 049.5760477

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2014


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