MMSU-Batac students win Region I Tourism Quiz Bee


At the Department of Tourism Region I Tourism Quiz Bee, more and more tables for contending schools from around the Ilocos Region were emptied with each round of questions while tabulators were focused on the computer screens until MMSU-Batac emerged victors, earning them 50,000 in cash. DWCL won over the PSU-Alaminos in the tie breaker round for the 2nd and 3rd spots.

DoT Region 1 Tourism Quiz BeePicture 198

Sir Ding of DoT, tour guide Ena Domingo and myself served as judges. The role of a judge is more like to supervise and decide such as the completeness of answer. Questions were difficult and technical. I couldn’t even answer “What is restaurant in Mandarin?”

The winners will be brought to Clark, Pampanga, for the National Tourism Quiz Bee. A laudable project, it helps students build teamwork and competitiveness, integral to their future in the tourism industry.

DWCLPSUDoT Region 1 Tourism Quiz BeeDWCLDoT Region 1 Tourism Quiz BeeDoT Region 1 Tourism Quiz BeeDWCLDoT Region 1 Tourism Quiz Bee
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