Alvin Cariaso, the man behind Lente Iloco

Alvin Cariaso 1

Something wonderful came up. I met this guy on the phone ‘coz I had to inquire about a hexacam, and then a beautiful inspiring story started to unfold. I was up on the computer the whole afternoon, talking to him about life and his newfound passion for photography.

Not enough to ruin his spirit, his unfortunate first break more than a year ago led him to strive hard to be one of Ilocos Norte’s sought-after photographers and videographers, though he still calls himself a newbie.

Alvin Cariaso was born in Apayao. His dad passed away when he was still a small boy. He and his mother moved to Laoag in the 90s. As if trying to tell him something, he also eventually lost his mother and a sister, making him a complete orphan. In his own words, he says, “I used to be happy-go-lucky.”

Alvin Cariaso 2

He has a masters in information technology from the St. Paul University in Tuguegarao. Trying to make both ends meet, before his current teaching position at Northwestern University, he worked as merchandiser, and then supervisor at a gas station He now finds inspiration from his two children, a boy and a girl.

Q&A with Alvin Cariaso

What sparked your passion for photography?

I started photography in Sept 2012. I had difficulties in setting the camera because I don’t have formal education in photography. I bought a camera for personal use. I’m a hobbyist. I used to play with remote-controlled helicopters and planes. My cousin, who was doing photography, brought me along to his wedding shoots until the time that I was given my own chance to shoot, but without pay. I always got laughed at by my cousin, so every time I would go home from school, because I also teach at Northwestern University, I stay on the net to learn from YouTube tutorials. I mustered courage to ask one of my students if we could shoot. That was the pilot testing of the photography skills I gained from YouTube. I didn’t even know how to edit  back then. One of my relatives was getting married and offered to hire me as photographer. Minimum charge lang and a collaboration with my photographer cousin. I consider it a failure. I didn’t finish the layouts ‘coz my cousin lost the files. After that, I decided to move on and told myself — it is time to stand on my own two feet. I hired talents with gadgets, ‘pag may offer, til I was able to invest in new equipment.

Alvin Cariaso 3photo by Lente Iloco 21

What is Lente Iloco all about?

Lente Iloco is a photography and videography group that caters to any occasion for Ilocanos.

Do you enjoy your work?


Do you always have a camera with you even on ordinary days?

Yes, especially when I travel.

Cape Bojeador

Portraiture or landscape photography?


What can you tell photographers who are just starting?

Be creative, be yourself, be a natural. Never stop innovating. Be a warrior. In everything we do, dapat may tiyaga.

Alvin’s Work

 photo by Lente Iloco 4photo by Lente Iloco 19photo by Lente Iloco 24photo by Lente Iloco 23photo by Lente Iloco 22

photo by Lente Iloco 5photo by Lente Iloco 3photo by Lente Iloco 2photo by Lente Iloco 16Santa Monica Churchphoto by Lente Iloco 20photo by Lente Iloco 7photo by Lente Iloco 8photo by Lente Iloco 12photo by Lente Iloco 13photo by Lente Iloco 14photo by Lente Iloco 15photo by Lente Iloco 10photo by Lente Iloco 9

Lente IlocoLente Iloco booth

Contact Alvin Cariaso via the Lente Iloco page on FB (here), or call him —  +63 917 731 9668 / 0949 844 5605

All photos courtesy of Alvin Cariaso
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5 thoughts on “Alvin Cariaso, the man behind Lente Iloco

  1. I am proud of the person Alvin, my nephew, has become! His passion and creativity inspires many people! 🙂

  2. wow Alvin your work is were still a small boy when we left LUNA i know your whole family in fact ninang ng ate joy ko ang mom mo..nag ka goosebumps ako when i saw ur work..i will definitely tell my family about you..were the Tugaoen and dela cruz family here in hawaii..we went to Aunty Edith and Uncle Alex house in vancouver last july..hope to watch more of ur work..GOD richly bless you and keep doing what you love most. MAHALO…

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