Erick Padilla plagiarizes BlauEarth

This is my 1,250th post on WordPress. I won’t be shy on this.

Shame on you, Erick Padilla, for stealing my words and photos and for “graciously” allowing the blog, Kain Na Po, to feature you and “your story” and the two photos lifted from my blog post! I’ve never ever met you, not even on Facebook.

It is so dumb to attach the ALL RIGHTS RESERVED at the bottom of every post, but I do like to play dumb for those who don’t realize the sanctity of intellectual and creative property.

Screenshots of the post that contains stolen material

Kain na po postKain na po post 2kain na po screenshot 3kain na po screenshot 2

My post, published on August 23, 2010

Batil PatungcabaganVerdict© Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2014

10 thoughts on “Erick Padilla plagiarizes BlauEarth

  1. Hello Tina, Kain Na Po had NO IDEA, I even asked permission to post the Facebook piece as well as another blogger’s post in May 2011. This was just brought to my attention as we exchanged PM’s. I have put the post on private until such time as I can make proper revisions. I hail from Tuguegarao and know first hand of the pansit wars since I was knee high to a grasshopper. I believe in the sanctity of respecting one’s intellectual property. I am an admin of a food group and we police netgrabs. As a result, we have banned members who incessantly do this in spite of admonishments. We even posted the article about that student who was busted to show the gravity of such an unethical behavior. Kain Na Po only has 70 posts, one “share:” that was done in good faith (asking permission and giving due credit to sources)and this ONE SHARE has put the blog in an awkward position. I would appreciate your your tempering this bad press in as far as citing Kain Na Po,please. KAIN NA PO has been associated with an unsavory “dish” so to speak. . And KAIN NA PO IS NOT GUILTY of any wrong doing, and this bad press taints its reputation. Thank you kindly.

    • Hi, Leilani! Every person who googles the image of either batil patung or pancit cabagan will be led to your blog post.I cannot fathom the fact that my work is being claimed by another person. As you can see, this person cannot even own up to his mistake. The person who researches, googles about pancit in Tuguegarao might also arrive at my post. That was before you put that post on private. I’ve been blogging for 5 years and retiring soon. My blog has been compromised. Not all readers are alike. As a blogger, I feature only credible sources. I go out of my way to interview people. I pay for the food. I only feature recipes that I can back up with my own photos, and my cook and I collaborate on all the recipes that were featured on BlauEarth. I’m not trying to imply something here, but in blogging, the name of the game is originality. Credibility is just like flowers on a tree. Thanks for setting it to private temporarily. I will write a nice post about your blog if and when Dr. Erick Padilla owns up to his mistake. P.S.if I were the blog author caught in the same misfortune, I’d take down all the plagiarized work, no ifs and buts. Thank you, Leilani.

  2. Ouch. How embarrassing for Padilla and Kain Na Po blog. I see that they have taken it down. Did you get any apology from any of them? But anyways, one way to deter photos taken is to have them watermarked. Yes, it’s an added step but you can run a batch watermark in the background while typing out your blog. And I know that there is a way to have those watermarked taken off afterwards but I’m sure regular bloggers don’t take the time and effort for that extra work to have it removed.

    And just to let you know…I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts. Keeps me updated of my mother’s hometown (Laoag) on all the changes. I make a list of places to eat and things to do the next time I visit in 2 or 3 years. Visited 3 times the past 7 years…and all 3 times there was major changes to the province. Your blog keeps me in the loop. My family is always surprised when I mention this and that. LOL.

    • I am in touch with the author of Kain Na Po, but not with this Dr. Erick Padilla from Tuguegarao.

  3. Why blog if you cannot write. And you don’t even have to be a writer, just be sincere and honest. Dr. Padilla should have just asked your permission to reblog it instead of taking it as her own.

    Well I hope you are not retiring as you mentioned. I am a very loyal reader of yours.

  4. Why pick up another’s blog and claim it as your own if you are a guest writer. If you have a tiny bit of affection about your town, am sure writing about it would be so easy.

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