Two Dreamy Places

Mabuhay magazine June 2014

I’m still not used to seeing my photos being published in other publications other than BlauEarth. I still get excited. Of course it’s the dream of every photographer (though I am still dreaming to be one) to be able to capture something and share them to the world. These are the kind of photos I love doing, especially of my most favorite nature destinations in Ilocos Norte. Though habitually random, I had to lug a chunky D90 and trek to the best vantage points.

If you’re flying Philippine Airlines, do check out the Mabuhay inflight magazine June 2014 issue. Both the Tanap Falls (Burgos) and Blue Lagoon (Pagudpud) photos are in the Ilocos Norte story.

Mabuhay Magazine June 2014 Issue

Thank you to the wonderful people behind Mabuhay magazine!

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