Ellen of Davao: An artist of a cook

Paksiw na Tuna

You might have thought my Davao stories have ended. Well, there’s more conversation-worthy food than one could ever imagine. At Ellen’s eponymous sophisticated carinderia alone, her famous “paksiw na buntot ng tuna” is not the only royalty. I also loved her oily laing! If you know what I mean, rice is so good with just a little of this kind of ulam. The boys at home were happy to see the hand-carried 250 pesos worth of laing (equivalent to 5 servings). The rest of the FoodPrints team bought multiple tuna paksiw.

Ellen's Tuna QueenKilawen

Tita Ellen cooks Filipino food with flair, like she enlivens her paksiw with this certain herb and incorporates gabi to her sinigang and throws in itlog na maalat to her fish kilawen. I’m Ilocano and I wasn’t disappointed with her version of igado.

I was too engrossed with the food that I failed to note down more details.

Sinigang na TunaFilipino FoodLechon KawaliChicharon-like pork paired with suka.

IgadoTita Ellen

She insisted on letting us try her halo-halo and durian pie. I’m a fan of langka (jackfruit) and ube, so her halo-halo gets a high rating. An excellent panghimagas to cap the very Pinoy food trip. The durian pie is reminiscent of homemade pies, very neat and straightforward. It’s also not too sweet.

At Ellen’s Tuna Queen, you get a lot for your money’s worth. The tag is what it promises.

The new season of FoodPrints with Chef Sandy Daza has started.  Sundays on the Lifestyle Network, folks, 8:30 pm.

Ellen’s Tuna Queen South Street DBP Village, Matina, Davao City CP #: 0922 814 7063

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2014

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