Crab Spotting Lessons at the Glamorous Davao Crabs Buffet

Crabs in a Basket

Davao is love! You can quote me on that. It is also perhaps the reason why Cotabato citizen, Maguindanao military combat and presidential caterer, Tita Chona, decided to establish Glamour Resto ‘N Caterer in Davao City.

The catering business is the evolution of a beauty parlor.  “Eh, glamorous kasi eh,” the natural comic says tongue in cheek. Tita Chona’s eyes have sparkle. “I wanted to offer something that they don’t have in Davao. Dun na lang ako babawi sa volume.” Everyday, 100 kilos of class A mud crabs (alimango) from Cotabato are delivered at the restaurant’s doors. Daughter Becky helps in the day to day operations.

Glamour Resto 'n CatererCrabs Buffet

Gender Inequality

Crab Spotting

Tita Chona taught the FoodPrints team how to accurately identify a crab’s gender. The queen has true orange fat while the Liberace crab has healthier aligue in a yellow hue. In the case of crabs, the males are underprivileged.

Crab Spotting

Without cutting up a crab, you can simply tell the gender by the size of its apron. The male alimango has a narrow apron while the female’s is rounded.

Crab Mentality

You hate crab clawing as a societal flaw, but in Davao City liberal crab mentality is the delicious kind of schlepping.

Crabs BuffetCrabsCrabs BuffetManileños delighting in Tita Chona’s crabs

Plate OnePlate One.

Crab LegPlate FourPlate Four. High blood aligue galore

Crab WallDessert Table

As Tita Chona and Becky say, don’t leave Davao without dining at Glamour Crabs Buffet!

Glamour Resto ‘N Caterer Padre Gomez St., Davao City (63-82) 282-1877 Open 11 am to 2 pm, 6 to 10 pm Mondays to Sundays

Photographed by Nikki and Blauearth
© Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2014

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