little boy, you’re in the girls department


Surpised! A piece from Suprisingly Kitsch. Thank you, sunshine!

Surprisingly Kitsch


I sported a pixie cut for the most part of grade school not because it looked cute but because I was a very hyper child. I was always running around, naturally I was always sweaty and I would yank the hair clips off my hair because they made my head feel hot. My mom finally got annoyed and worried I would yank all of my hair off before I even turn 10 so she decided to just cut my hair like a boys since I acted like one anyway.


In a time when super straight silky hair was considered the only “cool” and appropriate option for girls, I was always being made fun of for looking like a boy, it didn’t really help that I have a boys name either. My mom would compromise by letting me wear dainty dangling earrings, dresses and floral prints.

My sister who is 7 years older…

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