New Choco’s Pasalubong Shop and Food To Go in Gaoa, Pagudpud

Choco's Pasalubong Shop

Choco’s, the pioneer lechon manok stand in Ilocos, has a new house in Gaoa, along the National Highway, just past the road going to Blue Lagoon. It’s a spacious Choco’s Pasalubong Shop with a select line of popular Ilocos products like basi, fruit wines, cornick, dried fruits, sukang Iloco, camote chips, exclusive frozen meat products and ready to go liempo and choco chops at very tourist-friendly prices. Even if it’s in Pagudpud, prices are comparable to those at the city stores. You will also see fashion and home accessories.

My friend Leehua, the owner, says there’s more to come. Dirty ice cream was a hit on opening day, so she lets it stay all summer.

Ice Cream GirlChoco's Pasalubong ShopPasalubongFriendshipShell AccessoriesDuhat WineIlocos WinesFree Wine TastingDeMetrio's Dragon Fruit WinePasalubongPasalubongSukang IlokoTouristsBuena mano from tourists.

BuddhaBalikbayan JanetJanet Tamayo, another buena mano customer, balikbayan from Bakersfield, California.

BunniesUntitledChoco's Pasalubong Shop, Gaoa, PagudpudChoco's PasalubongChoco Chops is only 12 pesos each.

Choco's MortonThe Kapangpagangan tourists liked the Chocos’s embutido known in Ilocos as morton. My fave at Choco’s is roasted liempo.

Choco's Liempo

The just opened Choco’s Pasalubong Shop is conveniently located near the Gaoa fish stands along the main road.

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2014

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