Hello, Baby Boy!

Baby Shower

Martine and El ey are having a boy! I thought of passing on the vintage Baby+ prenatal learning sonic gadget I experimented on when Brandon and Alexa were still inside the womb. Brandon started driving at 7! Joined off-roading competitions before he turned 10 and Alexa is a consistent honor student. They mature earlier. They are also signifcantly taller (Bran is 5’10” while Alexa has the height of a high schooler), with bigger feet! If they don’t have good genes then it must be Baby+. Sabsabali da, promise.

Baby Shower 7Baby PlusBaby Plus

The original tag of Rustan’s is still attached. I heard the price has since doubled. When I stumbled upon the gadget 15 years ago, I told myself to give the product a chance. Compared to the new one, my old one looks dated.

Baby Plus

It was a  lovely baby shower fixed by Martine’s close friends and El ey’s relatives.

Baby ShowerBaby Shower 3Baby Shower PartyBaby Shower 6
Photos by Eugene, Banay and Blauearth
© Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2014

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