The Catch-Up at Hatch 22

Hatch 22

I thank God for blessing me with friends who find time to eat with me.

This date with Christy and Cathy was totally spontaneous. I didn’t know Christy’s office was right beside this Chinese restaurant where FoodPrints was. She was on her way home and did that one second glance through the restaurant’s glass door at the time I was also staring at the door. Cathy, the third element in the friendship, joined in the next day. Reoccupying each other, you wouldn’t even notice it was past a decade of partial hibernation. Cathy gave Christy and me friendship bracelets made of solid stainless steel.

Old Friends

Hatch 22 was Christy’s choice, so there we were hatching a new facet. Meant to be. Isn’t that a beautiful story?

Hatch 22, a tres chic spot at the Power Plant Mall, is an all-day breakfast place/bakery/craft cocktail bar, the golden chick of man of the hour, “The Fat Kid Inside” Erwan Heussaff, sister Solenn, Chef Pete Ayson and three more friends.

Hatch 22NYOB

A bestseller according to the staff, NYOB (not your ordinary Benedict) is a 2-piece sandwich of a meal consisting of homey bread, slow cooked (French-style sous vide) eggs, Italian ham, sauteed spinach and hollandaise sauce. A symphonious blending of everything I want in a breakfast! Iimagine the collision of the flavors of “malasado” egg and salted ham… clearly a winner that night!

Quinoa Salad

Next, here’s a nice, filling salad for the health-conscious. It’s made with cooked organic pseudocereal quinoa grains, topped with beets, citrus and grilled beef (chicken is the other option) and drizzled with a zesty balsamic dressing.

Sole Meuniere

We got fish instead of chicken, but I think it wasn’t a very nice idea. The sole meunière in lemon and butter sauce was supposed to be what else but sole, but at first bite, I sensed a cream dory in it. It is what it tasted like. I liked cream dory before, but I discovered that however you cook cream dory, there’s this overwhelming taste that has grown so tiring on the palate.

Hatch 22

I would have wanted to try the talked about inventive cocktails if I were not working the next day.

Hatch 22Hatch 22

Hmmn, yes, and the bakery. Everything was 50 percent off ‘coz it was near closing time. Guess what we found besides elevated panaderia Spanish bread?

Hatch 22 BakeryPan de Month

Hello sos! A swank lahi! Naimas! Check out what a lahi is here.

Lastly, service was totally pleasant.

Hatch 22 Cafe and Bakery G/F Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Drive corner Estrella Street, Rockwell Center, Makati City CP No.:(0915)109 7711 Open 7 AM to 10PM

Photographed by Christy and Blauearth
© Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2014

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