The Legendary Smokin’ Pig Out


I can’t bow out of food blogging just yet. As they say, live a little. My foodie best friend Alma took me for lunch at Smokin’ Pig in a refreshingly green and muted area in Quezon City. The rib joint is at the back part of an arcade called Capitol GreenStreet. It overlooks Marikina and other neighboring cities. So fine, the kind weather complimented outdoor BBQ food.

Chef Jo-An Raagas (in photo below) runs the 3-month old joint that specializes in American down-home Southern comfort food. The full menu consists of slow-smoked meat, served wet with barbeque sauce or dry-rubbed with the signature rub finished on the grill, sandwiches, salads and a lot more food for the soul.

Chef Jo-AnSmokin' PigSmokin' Pig Dry and Wet Baby Back Ribs

Just look at those beautifully cooked baby back ribs. Utterly fall off the bone! Between the wet ribs slathered in BBQ sauce and the dry-rubbed ribs, I died straightaway from the crusty, herby ribs. I prefer my meat without abundant sauce. Btw, I like crusty steaks too, so it must be me.

Sampled some fixin’s and dirty rice. The creamed spinach, mac ‘n cheese and coleslaw were all nice, but it was the creamed spinach that stood out.

Smokin' Pig Side DishesDirty RiceMeat Platter

The Smokin’ Pig meat platter was suggested by Chef Jo-An. It’s a medley of melt in your mouth beef brisket that tasted so much like bone marrow (yum!), grilled chicken, two kinds of sausages and fries. One of the sausages was savory with just the right amount of piquant spices, reminding  me of Spanish chorizo.

Though everything was indeed good, the grilled beef belly was all a different level! If you love marbled beef, you can’t go wrong with this — there’s a lot of sweet, melty fat layers, omg!

Melt in your mouth beef bellyPicture 321

Julia arrived just in time for the lunch. We all loved the (pretty huge serving of) almond almond. The cake was warm, so in the photo you will notice the melting ice cream.

Service was nice. Better to make reservations early ‘coz I heard the legendary rib joint has reached far and wide.

AlmaAlma and JuliaCapitol GreenstreetDay OutBesties. Thanks, dear!

Smokin’ Pig Unit 1G & 1H, Upper G/F,Capitol GreenStreet, Capitol Hills Drive, Old Balara 1662 Quezon City, Philippines Tel. No.:  & 029043148 CP No.: 0939 592 8118

Photographed by Julia, Alma and Blauearth
© Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2014

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