Chocolates from the furniture store

Ikea Food Choklad Mork

A friend left me some bars of Ikea chocolates and I found it a novel treat. I haven’t been to an Ikea store in over a decade, so you can call me baduy.

The packaging is straightforward like the Swedish furniture brand itself. I wasn’t surprised that these German-made chocolates are basic. But I like them. The sweetness level is restrained. I had a Hershey’s chocolate bar the other night and the exceeding sweetness is stuck in my head. I prefer Choklad Ljus (milk chocolate) to Choklad Mörk (dark chocolate), which reminds me of local pure tablea (cacao tablets).

Ikea Food Choklad Ljus

In the kind of climate we have in the Philippines, the milk chocolate doesn’t get melty. The texture is reminiscent of old-fashioned chocolates, only better tasting.

Ikea Food Choklad Mork

I get a kick out of trying different chocolates. I think there’s a certain mood for a particular chocolate like M&M’s are great while watching a movie and I appreciate pure white chocolate more after a wild food binge. Do you get those moods too? There’s no Ikea here so it would be crazy when the craving for this chocolate pops if I see a furniture store, hahah!

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2014

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