You Ga Cha Go! Milk Tea

Ga Cha Go!

This is the tea place I told you earlier. Saw it on Ablan Ave. on my way to the SPA Rimat Recital and Exhibit last night. The young man behind the counter looks like two people I know. I was right, the owner, Nick, happens to be the younger brother of Niña and Naomi Corpuz. I haven’t ordered anything yet, but I was already in love with the friendly-neighborhood-store vibe of this “hybrid of a convenience store and a health tea spot.” Hahah, Nick says he didn’t recognize me at once because I look younger in person. He still remembers the time Niña shot in Adams for a news feature on TV Patrol half a decade ago.

The milk tea shop  is named Ga Cha Go!, “a play between got to go and cha,” according to Nick. The tea beverages are freshly brewed, but priced lower than the standard. He wants students to afford tea and relax to talk with friends or just watch TV in the laid-back confines of the snack place cum bookstore. There are also tables outside if airy is your preference.

Ga Cha Go!Naomi’s chocolate lollipops.

Ga Cha Go Caramel Macchiato
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