The new potato chips: Namnama’s camote chips

Camote Chips

The underrated Filipino sweet potato has gained a lot of hype in the sphere of health and wellness lately. Known here as camote, the high in nutrients, zero-cholesterol and zero-fat root crop lowers bad cholesterol and blood sugar according to studies.

I won’t forget the story of my Ilocano-American uncle who brought with him his kamotig-digging skill to America as a soldier. Literally, it was his roots that helped him survive war savaged Vietnam. He is the fittest SC I know!


In a world where fried potatoes rule, there’s this bag of chips that caught my foodie family’s attention. The garlic camote chips of Namnama’s Food Products stand out among those that we sampled. You won’t stop, promise!

We also loved the honey-glazed version which they ran out of. Thinner and tastier than banana chips. I suggest you head straight to their headquarters in Paoay for guaranteed freshness and, of course, it’s a lot cheaper if you buy in bulk.

Til our next food discovery. Have a nice new week, everyone!

Namnama's Food Products
Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2014

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