The Red Dot Christmas Personified Party

Sparkly Cristmas Party

High caliber husband and wife event stylists Ace and Kit Mandac (of Ava’s), and myself were invited by Red Dot marketing manager, Ace Joseph Rumbao, to judge the company Christmas party fashion show and cheers/yells contest last night. How could I say no to the creative and nice people behind the trendsetting Red Dot of Laoag?

I found out that this year, at the back of the Christmas-emblematized theme, the staff had to stick to the strict rule of upcycling only something borrowed and something old (as in unusable stuff from the company storeroom, etc.) It amazes me that with the imagination given full play, fun and glint are attainable despite the fact that the general mood of this particular season is moderation. In hindsight, the Christmas season is unchangingly a totality of getting together, remembrance,  giving thanks and pats on the back.

SnowflakeRed Dot Christmas Party

Little drummer boy came in close to top placer uncut Christmas tree, while the Plains and Prints Pangasinan team won for their unitary cheering savvy. Ace would have comfortably landed among the finalists for his Victoria’s Secret angel wings, but he was presenter, so he’s the dynamite of the season:)

Red Dot Christmas Party 7Red Dot Christmas Party 2Red Dot Christmas Party 4Red Dot Christmas Party 3Red Dot Christmas Party 8Red Dot Christmas Party 9Christmas Chair

Taking the opportunity to give my congratulations to Visionaire, Inc. for being awarded the top recognition for overall performance by Terry S.A., Inc. Cheers to Bernard and Me-Ann and everyone at Visioniare! Thanks and merry Christmas, Red Dot!

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2013

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