Bon Appetea Opens in San Nicolas

Bon Appetea

Bon Appetea is not just another tea place in Ilocos. It is a tea bar with a dizzying array of tea drinks and Belgian waffle sandwiches to choose from. My first drink from the bar was a Rainforest Passion. Indeed tropical like it’s name. Had I talked to the owner, San Nicolense Wynie Butay, earlier, I would have shifted my thoughts on Bon Appetea’s bestselling Nirvana or his favorite Buddha’s Tears. It was really difficult deciding. Tea junkies will be happy with the monster cups!

The place has a young vibe. It is right beside the Tribeca coffee shop in the 365 Mall, in an area which is becoming a happening place outside of Laoag. A series of activities are in store at the formal opening today, October 19.

Bon AppeteaBon Appetea

The friendly owner, Wynie Butay (who happens to be a nurse by profession), checks on us.

Bon Appetea

I recognized the famous photographer in Ilocos, Mr. Cholo Arellano. Though we share a mutual love for photography. it was my first time to see and talk to him. Of course, he is the pro and I’m just amateurish.

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2013

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