FoodPrints with Chef Sandy Daza: The Ilocos Norte Episode

Bagnet aka ChicharonLaoag welcomes Chef Sandy Daza

Inviting you to watch the premiere episode of the new FoodPrints travelogue show on the Lifestyle Network this Saturday, Sept 21, 8:30 PM. The Chef Sandy Daza is back with vengeance! He is hipper and showing his fun side! Shot in northernmost Ilocos. Laoag or Batac longaniza? He investigates.

Take a sneak peek… Ces Rodriquez writes on Yahoo.Ph She (here).

Tiempo ti Tienda with FoodPrintsLaoag Longaniza

Bonggacious Ilocos bagnet aka chicharon and longaniza and much, much more!

I hope you enjoy Chef Sandy drop the chef hat in this food travelogue series.

Romancing the Cam

Watch early ‘coz I joined the adventure. Though I have been blogging about Ilocano food forever, I haven’t talked about the things I’d be saying in FoodPrints. It’s only a bit part, but thrilled to share the entire Ilocos food adventure captured in vividness and zeal.

.Cooking With Sandy Daza
Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2013

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