Saving Skin: Nivea Baby Smoothly Cream

Nivea Baby Smoothly Cream

Nivea has always been there to fill out that invisible space between my skin and the elements. I’ve been using their creams, sunblocks and after sun sprays ever since I can remember.  I stay away from expensive scented lotions or creams, and oils. Nivea developed Eucerit, made from lanolin alcohol, which is different from lanolin (an ingredient that might cause allergic reactions in sensitive skin.) Eucerit suits me like a second skin.

Nivea Baby Smoothly Cream

Found this Nivea Baby Smoothly Cream with natural calendula at a local supermarket while preparing for my search and rescue class in the outdoors a few months back. It’s relatively cheap for a huge 200 ml tub. This cream meant to moisturize and protect baby skin and face contains primarily Eucerit (patented by Beiesrdorf), healing calendula (marigold), and 0% parabens, alcohol and colorants. It’s not totally unscented, but my skin didn’t react anyways.

Bought a gel-type calendula care product on one trip abroad. I’ve been a fan of the herb ever since. At least for me, it instantly soothes discomfort like itching and minor skin inflammation.

Nivea Baby Smoothly Cream

Love slathering with Smoothly Cream after a day out in the sun, especially before going to bed. It’s leaves me with a non-slippery, almost non-perceptible layer that is really soothing to the mind also.

Nivea Baby Smoothly Cream
Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2013

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