Victor Angel’s Rimas Chips

Rimas Chips

When FoodPrints went to shoot the famous cornik-making in Paoay, specifically at Victor Angel’s Food Products, a successful enterprise started by Dr. Angelina Tagay, I was more attracted to the rimas chips. Well, you know, I’ve been eating cornik since I entered school at the Holy Spirit Academy of Laoag and I don’t have any clue how the term marvic evolved into how it is known today as cornik, or cornick, or corniks. I should have thrown Dr. Angelina that question.  I hope I remember when I see her next.

Image via Agricultural Research Service (ARS) of the US Dept. of Agriculture

Image via Agricultural Research Service (ARS) of the US Dept. of Agriculture

Rimas is breadfruit (of Polynesian origins). When my Chinese father-in-law was still active in the kitchen, he deep-fried bitso-bitso-like rolls made out of mashed rimas. The roll’s texture resembles starchy taro, and is deliciously different especially when dipped in sugar.

I read there are several kinds of breadfruit. Seeded pakak (from the same breadfruit family) with jackfruit-like spikes is incorporated in dinengdeng (inabraw). Ilocanos also cook it with gata (coconut milk) or transform the sappy fruit into a dinakdakan-like salad.

Victor Angel’s candied rimas is cooked like banana chips. The chips I sampled were freshly made. Absolutely fantastic! The flavor grows on you. There’s that lovely light quality which makes it not cloying at all. I can’t find the crunchy sweet chips in Laoag, so I better go back soon.

Victor Angel’s Cornick and Food Products Brgy. 3 Salbang, Paoay, Ilocos Norte Tel. No,: 09279967094

Top photo by Blauearth
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