Lippie Review: Sleek True Colour Barely There

Sleek True Colour Sheen lippie in  Barely There

British high street brands have snuck into my favorite local beauty spot, named Vanity Play, at Red Dot:) I was checking out the latest Rimmel Kate lipsticks (Kate as in the brand’s face, Kate Moss) during which SA Maxene cuts the scene as he shows my friend Marla Sleek True Colour Barely There. It went into my pink packet instead. I actually bought and tested Rimmel Kate 16 too soon when I  discovered it is a lot pinker than what I truly wanted, which is that of an opaque peachy nude as an alternative to Revlon Colorburst Petal (already in my second tube, a fave and the only fleshy tone which works on my NC 30/35).

Barely There is a lot darker from the tube sans flash. I really didn’t notice its similarity to Revlon Petal until I photographed them side by side at home. The similarity turns out not too close however. Barely There is more pigmented and sheeny while Petal is sheer with a teeny hint of pearlescence.

Sleek True Colour Sheen lippie in  Barely ThereSleek True Colour Sheen lipstick in  Barely There

Barely There is packed with color, has a non-drying creamy texture; yes, it glides on sleekly, covers well, and is a bare-skin shade in effect, without muddy undertones (which I dislike a lot). I wish it were a little less glossy though. The color faded until I ate 2 hours later, but left a decent barely there tint, heheh. This color reminds me of a popular local songstress in the 80s-90s. Do you remember her?

Oh, I love the little tube casing!

Pink PackageSleek True Colour Sheen Barely There Swatch

Photo of Blauearth by Maxene
Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2013

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