Batac Miki at Jannete’s Place on a Rainy Sunday Evening

Batac Miki

A soothing and filling miki is exactly the soul soup on a sleepy Sunday night. Went back to Jannete’s Place, located among the merienda stalls facing the Batac Riverside Empanadahan after making that wonderful discovery with FoodPrints.

I’m not too fond of egg, so I asked them not to throw Brandon’s into his bowl for me to shoot. Mine is perfect with just chicharon and Ilocos suka ken sili.

Laoag on a Rainy Sunday Afternoon

Wet Laoag streets.

Jannete's Place

Taken in between shoots for FoodPrints, debuting on the Lifestyle Network this Sept. 7, 8:30 PM. Photo courtesy of Ms. Jannete Sonorjo Gabriel (in black), standing right next to host Chef Sandy Daza..

Batac Miki

Miki noodles are handmade and quality depends on where you eat it. I like the way Jannete does her noodles, nicely al dente and slightly seasoned. Lusay noodles in miki is so unappetizing no matter how tasty the soup would be! I tried once to ask her secret recipe, but failed:)


Brandon’s bowl.

Jannete's Place, Batac

I haven’t been to their branch in Laoag.  Jannete says it’s somewhere near the Fariñas bus terminal and Cockhouse. Eugene also drops by the stall in Batac quite often. On busy days, students from MMSU Batac and nearby schools would troop to Jannete’s Place. I noticed halo-halo is also a bestseller.

Jannete's Place, Batac

If you’re eager to try tasty miki, but can’t visit Ilocos soon, though we’d be so happy to have you here, here’s our own recipe at home.

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2013

4 thoughts on “Batac Miki at Jannete’s Place on a Rainy Sunday Evening

  1. my wife is from Laoag, when ever we visit her family. i never missed out eating miki from Jannete’s place with empanada from Glory.. i will never get tired driving to Batac from Laoag..

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