From Benguet to Ilocos: Tartland and Baguio Sweets

Tratland and Baguio Sweets

At the FoodPrints shoot at REFMAD Farms in Burgos late last month, I happened to meet Angie and Emma de la Cruz and their siblings who were spending a family reunion, visiting tourist spots in Ilocos. Angie is the lady behind the very successful Tartlland Pasarabo Lengua de Gato. I read 36,000 jars of the melt in your mouth cookies fly out of their stores each month, oh wow, a lot of happy tongues!

Her sister Emma owns Baguio Sweets which produces another Baguio favorite, the peanut brittle, among many others. So kind, they gave me goodies to try.

Chance UponTartland Lengua de Gato and Baguio Sweets Peanut Brittle

I was studying in Baguio when lengua de gato was starting to get noticed by vacationers. Smitten too, it became a habit to drop by the market for a jar. Tartland’s is not famous for nothing. The Baguio Sweets peanut brittle is a revelation, great quality, thin and crisp matching that nice fresh taste!

Angie and Emma. if you happen to read this, it was lovely meeting your family! See you in Baguio.

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