Dedication to Environment: Robby P. Cereno

Learning Mangroves

UP Los Banos TREES Training Center Director Robby Cereno’s About in FB reads, “Advocating for a liveable planet earth through ecologically sustainable tourism, protected areas management, conservation education and training.” He’s one of the mentors who has trained me as I journey through the steps of familiarizing myself with natural marvels.

I trained under him at the Protected Areas and Wildlife Bureau – Development Academy of the Philippines “Orientation on Ecotourism Enterprise Development and Management” in November 2007. For a sample hometown ecotourism package in the workshop, I made an Adams-La Paz Sand Dunes package, at that time when sand adventure was still being manufactured in the LEAD Movement’s imagination/vision.

In October 2010, he was one of my instructors in the historical first ecoguiding class in the Philippines at the International School of Sustainable Tourism in Subic. At that time, the LEAD Movement’s sandboarding adventure has taken off.

In May this year, sir Robby visited Ilocos for assessment on a huge potential conservation project. After his work up north, the first place I had to show him was the sand dunes of La Paz. He gets to see the outcome of the sample project I made in 2007. With LEAD’s permission, I also dedicate Ilocos sandboarding to sir Robby, a one important person who has inspired me to help out in making responsible eco-adventure an ecotourism enterprise.

Robby and Anthony

Robby and Anthony Arbias in our home in Subic during the ecoguiding training in 2010

Flora Biodeversity Class

Flora biodiversity class in the real world.


Triboa Mangrove Park

Enjoying the wide open space

May 2013 — looking back at 2007.

Sandboarding in La PazRobby in La PazInnovators of Sandboarding in the PhilippinesMt. Pulag National Park Conserving Biodiversity and Natural Resources of Luzon's Highest mountains

My brithday  week didn’t allow me to see sir Robby once again. He left a surprise package at the store. The signed Mt. Pulag National Park Conserving Biodiversity and Natural Resources of Luzon’s Highest Mountains he co-authored will have to fill a special place in my environment book collection.

From Robby Cereno

My own Mt. Pulag adventure with the LEAD Movement on 2004. A virtual flora biodiversity museum.

Dedication to Environment

I’m passing on Robby Cereno’s words: Let’s go forth and multiply the conservation and ecotourism message.

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2013

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