The Lifestyle Network’s FoodPrints with Sandy Daza traces the Ilocos Norte food equation

Sandy Daza in Ilocos Norte

Ilocos Norte welcomes celebrity chef/restaurateur/gourmand Sandy Daza, host of FoodPrints, a crisp lifestyle show that opens on the Lifestyle Network, the 7th of September. So mark that in your calendars, folks, 8:30 PM!

Being the proud Ilocano that I am, I’m excited that the show arrived in the northernmost province first. Beyond that, their eagerness to unearth the hidden gems of Ilocano cooking, braving the sultry midmorning sun, the erratic rains and the long road from the south to north and vice versa.

Chef Sandy, although he was president of a tomato paste plant in Sarrat for 3 years, it’s just in this trip that he discovered the “ang-sarap-ness” of KBL (kamatis, bugguong and lasona) with chicharon aka bagnet. Facts such as that. Apparently a fully-loaded adventure for him! Hahah, and the wonders of dragon fruit!

More BTS next!

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Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2013

4 thoughts on “The Lifestyle Network’s FoodPrints with Sandy Daza traces the Ilocos Norte food equation

  1. we frequent his wooden spoon along katipunan and his ilocano dishes are authentically naimas and reasonably priced. Am so happy you refer to our chicharon as chicharon … which should be! makiap-apa ak no kua!

    • what a sigh of relief, Baba! legitimately C-H-I-C-H-A-R-O-N! I grew up around the Laoag supermarket. thanks!

    • sure, Jennie. Hahah, i was about to use your line in the next BTS:) 5 days is long! I’ll email you photos. Just please adjust the res, feel free.

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