My state of mind: Yearning for the beach

Sunset Wait

As Ericke says, home is where the waves are. And so is unspoilt beaches. I am reminiscing the blithe times  I’ve had with the family at the beaches we frequent. Click here to see my other beach posts.

Beach HutBoatThe Beach

Photos of the beach transfer a sense of calm. Nature is engrossing. I thirst for the blue expanse of the sea and sky and the bouyant feeling, amplified by the sound of rushing waves and warmth of the sand.

North Shore

Sexy Beach, though underrated, is always magical and serene every time we’re there. My most viewed and faved photos on Flickr were taken there. (Check them out here.) This brings to mind it’s been a long time since our last interlude at this memorable refuge.

Fishing VillagePangil Beach

Beachwear has become a staple when you live in the far northern end of the Philippines. Excitement naturally sets in for beachy things I stumble upon in the net! At the moment I’m ogling some stuff. Shoes in zalora perfect for beach and the yearlong summer in Ilocos!

Surf's up

While Ericke and Eugene always enjoy surfing the waves, I have yet to habituate myself on a surfboard. My board is a sandboard. Check out what we’ve been up to the past few years in this video. Surfing the sands has grown to be one of the thrills in Ilocos.

Bobon Beach

Kite surfing? Perhaps one of these days!


The beach. please! In blauearth lingo, Pasuquin, Calayab, Pangil, Bobon and Banniaran beaches are the family jewels. Don’t you love a little alone time at the beach?

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2013

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