Hope in Some Awesome Poresome

Awesome Poresome

If you’re blessed with plus-size pores, it’s a constant struggle to keep it at bay. My skin is overly sensitive, so I’ve streamlined my facial routine to sugar scrub with my favorite soap to slough off. I might have found the promise of a rose in Snoe Awesome Poresome which is among the cleverly packaged products from an all-Filipino company that’s creating a fizz among beauty junkies. The microdermabrasion retexturising polish is made from a recipe of natural pineapple extract rich in alpha hydroxy acids, declogging witch hazel, azeloglicina (a combination of acne-clearing azelaic acid and glycine) and tiny beads to accelerate the purifying process of choked pores. It performs like the super expensive microdermabrasion product from Prescriptives, though this one is creamy and the beads feel beneficial without giving off a scratchy sensation. So far, I’m liking the fresh and clean feeling after the initial experience. Makeup stayed on better and the face apparently was not at its usual greasy state. At the end of the day, bumps on my chin simply dried out. Let’s go back to Awesome Poresome after a month or so of straight use. Alert: it can be stinging on the eyes if the product is not rinsed off  properly.

Snoe Awesome PoresomeAwesome PoresomeAwesome Poresome
Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2013

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